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Maureen is a dynamic change leader with a unique blend of expertise in strategic planning, human resources, technology, process improvement and change. Maureen has over 20 years of corporate experience with Honeywell, AlliedSignal and Prudential, successfully leading large scale business change.

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Don't Let Tomorrow Get Away From You....


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Image from 10.8.2011

Usually when I am working with leaders - the tomorrow we are working on is long term.  "How can we transform this organization over the next 2 years?"  "How do we create a high performing team?"  "How can we be more competitive, add more value to ensure our viability?"

Together we build long term plans to move the people and the organization to that vision via change plans, strategic roadmaps, organization and individual development. 

But given the conversations I have had recently with leaders, and the crazy business environment we have been in for 2011, it strikes me that it is a good time to focus on tomorrow - literally.  We are a week into 4th quarter as I write this.  What is it that you have committed to getting done by the end of the year?  Where are you with that?  Has progress and interest slowed down on your critical initiative as the year went on?  Is your team engaged and working on all cylinders?  Have other projects, requests and work slowed you down?

Take some time to reflect- then take action.  What is important for you to accomplish by the end of 2010?  You have about 10 weeks.  What can you do TOMORROW to:

  •  Remove an obstacle?

  •  Jumpstart the work?

  •  Engage your team in making it happen?  

Need help getting momentum?  Contact me.  Together we'll get things moving so that you can Seize Tomorrow


Change needs to be led and lived by the top management ...
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